Sapir Consulting US

Sapir Consulting US L.L.C. is a Boston based Strategic, Lean Agile Project Management
consulting firm leading since 2004 consulting and training initiatives in
strategy, operations, organization and technology.

We at Sapir trust in a comprehensive integrated solution, client focused, that
emphasizes People, Value, Innovation and Information; we achieve this
by promoting a collaborative relationship with the client and the stakeholders.

Working together with our clients we offer the best up-to-date coaching
and consulting approach combined with creative and innovative solution
design while upholding our values: Professionalism, Integrity and
Value Enablement

Sapir Consulting – Professional Expertise

Since 2004 Sapir has been providing Lean Agile Business Management
consulting globally.
Initially focused in Europe and Asia, starting 2015 the focus shifted to USA.

Main areas of expertise include:

Sapir Consulting – Lean Agile Coaching
  • Lean strategy and implementation
  • Enterprise Agile Coaching
  • Lean agile scaling
Sapir Consulting – Management Consulting
  • Solution assessment
  • Value stream mapping
  • Integrated solution delivery – people process and tools
Our books illustrate our expertise
Industry Focus

Sapir Consulting engagements have routes in petrochemical and IT industry, over the years the focus moved to banking and automotive, and currently main engagements revolve around healthcare and software

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Michael Nir – President Sapir Consulting US

Michael Nir is a master at both technology and emotional intelligence.  With a degree in Engineering and a training in Gestalt, Michael brings passion, creativity and innovation to his audience, inspiring people and teams to change, experientially and emotionally, while climbing the hill AND reaching the summit.

Our Workshops

Sapir Consulting, managing and collaborating with a world group of innovators and leaders in learning and people development – within our network you are always in the region. It is our ability to think beyond learning that distinguishes our approach and capability to make breakthrough performance a reality.

Sapir Consulting Lean Agile coaching