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Connecting the Dots – People, Leadership, Technology


Why - The Silent Language of Success

We’re hearing a lot about digital disruption and rapid tech change that we forget success is all about people – collaborating with and influencing on.

I was speaking about silent influencing last week in Texas. During my session, I invited people onstage (see here for example: ) and had them interact with the audience – telling and asking them to stop this and do that.

Some were naturals – and for all others here are the key points to remember when using palm position to reinforce your message – try it out, it actually works well with your message – surprisingly enough, your palm direction carries through your voice when you’re interacting with remote team members and individuals:

  • Palm facing up – ask for something; conveys: openness, truthfulness, a willingness to compromise, and similar nonthreatening behavior.
  • Palm facing down – request something; conveys: authority, threat, distance, lack of interest, control, firmness, certainty, and similar displays of power.

Which are you more comfortable with?

Which one are you using often?

Does your voice sound natural when you use a conflicting palm position with your message?

More information and Free exercise booklet can be found here:


The lunch session before my keynote was an open discussion with recruiters. While the medium has changed, the fundamentals haven’t.  

  • Thinking the recruiter’s job is to find you a position.
  • Approaching the relationship in a one-sided manner
  • Sending them a resume they are less than thrilled to send on.


Lean in the Enterprise - Lessons from Ross, Patricia and Owl - Comic


Last week, around the communal camp fire, Owl mentions the 4 questions that lead with Lean Startup thinking. This week we explore the first two:

The owl workshop – first 2 steps

1 – Do consumers realize they have the problem you are trying to solve?

2 – If there was a solution, would customers be willing to pay for it?

Next week, the saga continues.


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