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We tend to do a poor job managing strategic stakeholders in the matrix organization. How about you?

Reflect for a minute – have you been leading your strategic stakeholders? Do you have an approach for consistently managing their perspectives and perceptions? We encounter many stakeholders on a daily and weekly basis among them, few are strategic who can make or break (or brake) your career. In the modern complex matrix organization these aren’t necessarily C level executives. Many times these are the people who impact your managerial effectiveness, by lifting obstacles and solving issues that are impeding your work.

At times, managers ignore the soft aspects of influencing and leading strategic stakeholders successfully. They neglect to affect perceptions of the strategic stakeholders.

Here are the prime six practical guidelines for Influencing and leading strategic stakeholders successfully:


Influencing and Leading Strategic Stakeholders Successfully
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 Einstein defined Insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And yet we manage our projects and portfolios with the same processes, tools and techniques and expect to succeed? It appears we are insane. In 2002 Agile in software was declared. Instead of solving insanity it introduced withdrawal and denial. Since - what makes Agile so seducing is that we rid ourselves of tough value driven decision making. If our projects are to succeed, we must adopt a combined approach. Agile is a local optimization tool that handles scope dynamically. We need to couple it with a top down value driven portfolio pull mechanism.