Is Traditional PMO thinking in software companies - 2018 still happening? Yep and it ain't pretty
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Is Traditional PMO thinking in software companies in 2018 still happening

This is not how it is supposed to be…

I thought to myself

Yet the fatigue in the eyes of my friend and colleague

Told me otherwise

“She just told me to forecast the delivery for the next year”

My friend shared with me

“Do you mean the new Enterprise PMO?”

“Yes” my friend replied and continued:

“Ever since she was brought onboard to transform us

It’s been like this – every day a new mandate.

I stopped investing my time in what’s important

I stopped managing the 12 managers reporting to me

And the 120 strong developers that are

Responsible for creativity and innovation in our

Competitive industry

It’s become an around the clock constant barrage of

PMO stuff….or can I say: crap?”

Our catchup meeting ended and I was reflecting on what

my friend was saying…

After all he is working in a software company which implemented agile

and things were working well. They had a local lean agile PMO

That was focused on best practices and lean agile methods – scrum, kanban, communities of practice, fast delivery ect.

Until a new SVP was hired. In his mind, the forecasting was subpar so he hired a manager to lead the Transformational PMO. He in turn mandated reports, templates, standard operating procedures – annoying bureaucracy - and lots of traditional forecasting.

Sounds familiar?

Continued here

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