Establish a Lean Startup in Your Corporation – New Comic Book in the works

Page #1 – Lean Comic

The world as we know it, is disrupted; entire industries are being violently shaken by powerful forces beyond their reckoning, wealth is redistributed and lines are drawn where once ocean waves merrily danced their afternoon whimsical pirouette; the evil conglomerate Gramazon has all but taken hold on the chicken food supply chain; the once flourishing Ross’s Hole Foods for the soul is tethering on the brink of annihilation. In a distant corner of the universe as we know it;

Ross, owner and long lasting heir since 1914, unemployed and down trotted, is staring intently into a bleak future; Patricia the garden earth worm is frolicking across the barn… But unbeknownst to them, a silent stir in the fabric of the feather is rolling the dice once again.


Join us weekly here as together we discover the world of Ross, Patricia and Owl as they embark upon a journey to rid themselves of Gramazon tyranny and save the family business; Along the way we learn of Lean Startup business practical enterprise implementation…


Looking for your feedback on the comic strip, logic, dialogue etc

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