Project managers & Product owners are from Mars Quality managers from Mercury

Do you feel stuck when communicating with Project Managers, product owners and other action oriented individuals and getting your point across?

Here’s a handy model to help you

Action communication style and behavior

Is on the low responsive and high assertive scale, it is also known as the task or the driver-communication style in similar models. Individuals who are action oriented tend to be: pragmatic, direct, impatient, decisive, and energetic. This style is about getting things done through pushing, demanding and making clear what they want accomplished. These individuals will discuss results, objectives, performance, productivity, efficiency and moving ahead. They will emphasize responsibility, feedback, experience, challenges, achievements, change and decisions. They will be found in project management, mid-level management, IT, and manufacturing departments.

In order to influence and persuade individuals who are action oriented it is important to:

Focus on results;
State your best recommendation;
Be as brief as possible;
Emphasize the practicality of your ideas;
Use visual aids.
When communicating and influencing others, we use words that resonate with ourselves, however if Action style is not your preferred communication style, avoid using the words that impact you – since it is not yourself that you attempt to influence

View the free Slide deck here for more information about the styles:


Ifluence styles



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